The Revolution ...?

Pure Fishing Deutschland. What is behind this name? A holding with 1200 employees world wide. Including such industry giants like Berkley, Abu, Spider , Johnson, Mitchell, Red Wolf and Fenwick. Pure Fishing Deutschland is located in Gelnhausen. In the end of  January 2002 we received an invitation from Michael Stahlberg for an presentation of a new Carp bait. We finally drove to Gelnhausen early in the morning  on the 12th of February. After a warm welcome Pascal Grillot, Pure Fishing Marketing Manager Europe, begun with the presentation of a  miracle weapon.

Witch bait does every trout fisher have in his assortment? The Power bait from Berkley. A pie that every trout fisher trusts. Why this? The US resident Company invests strongly in research and development and  after years of testing a Bait was developed that proved itself worthy throughout the world. In the last few years carp fishing became even more popular in the united states and according to the newest estimations approximately 50 million people are expired to fishing with the rod. The largest Carp-Group meanwhile counts over 600 members - tendency strongly rising. So it is not very surprising that a world-wide cooperating company like Berkley is investing into the future of carp hunters.

The product idea:
Develop a special bait for the family of  Cypronides – equal powerful to the legendary Power Bait. First tests already begun in 1993, and it seemed that the special composition of the bait was going to be one of the most difficult tasks. And it was necessary for it to be harmless to fish and nature. In the initial phase of development over 4.500 different flavours were tested on carps, Koi carps and gold fish. The first laboratory results were very promising, but failed at practical fishing. Berkley extended research and included the University of Florida into development under the lead of Sam Mitchell. In 1995 over 200 Flavours were tested at different waters and it was until 1998 that the first test baits were sent to selected carp hunter groups in England, France and east Europe. Test regulations were very strict, the testers were not allowed to fish continuously and the assembly had to be equipped with a high-quality Ready-Boilie. After each session the catch results were analysed. It came to an outstanding result of 3:1 for the new carp bait. To prevent someone could come to the assumption, that the all the fish were at the spot were the carp bait was tested, the assemblies were changed on regular base. After one year of testing over 400 carps between 4 and 23 Kg were outsmarted by the new carp bait. These results were overwhelming. 

The composition:
What is this new hook bait made of? The consistency is very difficult to describe. It feels very artificially (damp and wet) and is of a very hard consistency. You can squeeze it , but you cannot break it. This has the advantage that the bait cannot be stolen of the hook by crabs and it even withstands white fish attacks. Flavour is constantly released in the first 12 hours. Test anglers even reported of  still catching a carp after leaving the bait three days on one place. Originally polymers is an waste product of oil manufacturing, but the carp bait is produced on a water base and is 100% biological degradable. So there is no environmental damage for nature. The carp bait will be offered in three different sizes (16mm Micro Carp-Bait, 22mm Regular Carp-Bait and 35mm Maxi Carp-Bait) For start six different flavours and colours will be sold. Six additionally flavours are in test phase and will be available by the end of the year.

·        Strawbery Hit-red
·        Sweet Scarpex-violett
·        Asien Spice-orange
·        Magic Maple-dark brown
·        Fish Protein-brown
·        Natural Organic




The presentation:
The carp bait looks like a conventional Boilie and is presented on a hair. The hair should be at least 1 cm long, since the carp swallows the bait immediately. Feeding is done with regular Ready-Boilies from the specialist or with the new Berkley-Dipp particles (6 flavours and colours). You can buy these from the beginning of April for a price of under € 10 per glass. The bait is to be used within 3 years. Used baits should not be put back into the glass. We wish you and us much fun and luck with testing.